Working together to develop solutions to our complex issues.

As one of the few true privately held facultative reinsurance brokers in the US, we represent you.  We pride ourselves on entrepreneurial, visionary and creative reinsurance solutions.  Our customer-driven performance and belief that the client always comes first is directly related to our success.

Our numerous strong client and market professional relationships have been the cornerstone of many years of business success.  We do not have costly overhead that would impair our ability to navigate through hard and soft markets.

Providing Facultative Reinsurance Business Products through Global Reinsurance Markets on:

  • Natural Catastrophe Protection
  • Terrorism
  • Fire, DIC, DOC
  • All Risk

Coverage Provided For:

  • Individual Risk
  • Homogeneous Semi-Automatic Capacity
  • New Market Capacity
  • In-house Flood Program

Key Reinsurance Markets Supporting Our Current Book of Business:

  • Swiss Re
  • Transatlantic Re
  • Munich Re
  • XL/Catlin Re
  • Ascot Re
  • Hannover Re
  • Ascot Re
  • Burt & Scheld Fac Corp
  • Everest Re
  • Rock Re
  • Ark Re
  • Brit Re
  • Berkley Re
  • Arch Re
  • Dual Re
  • Lloyds

Market Appetite:

  • Quota Share or Excess of Loss business
  • CAT Peril Carve outs – Wind, Flood, California Earthquake, & Earth movement
  • DIC, CAT Business
  • All Risk Placements – including High Fire PML/MFL business
  • Domestic and International Placements
  • Buy Back Deductibles

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about how GJS Re can be of help, contact any of our team members.

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