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Addressing today’s emerging risks.

Financial Guaranty is a niche insurance segment where GJS Re has developed significant expertise, particularly in Private Equity.  We have pioneered a new insurance protection for the General Partners in the Private Equity industry.   Give us a call!

In an environment of low interest rates and high stock valuations over the last 10 years, Private Equity investments have grown exponentially.  By their nature, not a lot is known about the structure and inter-workings of these unique investment vehicles, but that does not reduce the exposures Limited Partners and General Partners face in Private Equity.


Property & Casualty carriers currently offer General Partnership Liability (GPL) and Directors’ & Officer (D&O) policies to protect Private Equity firms against allegations of mismanagement or other actions by officers, directors, managing members or General Partners.  However, only a Financial Guaranty insurer can offer protection for performance-related exposures.


Although the details of the Financial Guaranty products GJS Re has developed are too extensive to summarize here, please give us a call and we will be more than happy to review the new product GJS Re has developed to protect Private Equity firms.

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