We offer alternative risk solutions to help control
the total cost of risk.

The word “alternative” is used to describe risk transfer techniques other than “traditional” insurance to protect an insured from exposure to loss. Typically, Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) mechanisms are adopted to give the insured more control over their insurance costs (the various types of “traditional” and ART insurance structures are listed below).

At GJS Re, we help clients with balance sheet impairments caused by an exposure for which traditional insurance has proven to be an incomplete solution, but mainly where the existing insurance structure has left the insured with significant financial responsibility. Examples include:

  1. High Deductible Insurance Program
  2. Participation in a Captive or “Rent-a-Captive”
  3. Discontinued Products
  4. Legacy Liability
  5. Merger & Acquisition
  6. Other Large Financial Obligations

GJS Re creates solutions that strengthen the insured’s balance sheet by replacing the existing insurance structure using one of a variety of vehicles.  Generally, this entails one of the following solutions:

  1. Loss Portfolio Transfer
  2. Finite Reinsurance
  3. Adverse Development Cover
  4. Other structures tailored to the insured’s specific liability situation.

Traditional Insurance Programs

  1. Traditional
  2. Experience Rated
  3. Retrospectively Rated
  4. Large Deductible

Alternative Risk Transfer Programs

  1. Captives
  2. Adverse Development Cover
  3. Finite Reinsurance

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